Small Business Special - free website build for businesses!

Hello everyone, and welcome!

I've been putting a good deal of time into talking with my clients recently. My goal: to figure out what clients really need from a web designer.

It turns out that most clients need just a few kinds of major services. The big three: 

  1. a stable, well-designed website that's easy for your customers to use
  2. quick fixes to any technical issues that show up
  3. good search engine optimization 

Based on those conversations, I've put together a special designed to support most small business needs. This special is also intended to lower the barriers for businesses to switch to the sites I build. When your business has put money or time into a website built on a different platform, it can feel like a step backwards to change anything up. But in the long run, websites built through Squarespace offer far more flexibility, better security, lower cost, zero ads, and better support for growth in almost every business. That's a major step forward! Squarespace is the best choice for most business websites in the long run, and I'm here to help make it a good choice in the short run, too.

So here it is: your Small Business Special, in four parts. The breakdown: you pay $995 for a custom website and one year of on-call comprehensive support. That includes everything. No additional fees apply -- but some discounts might.

Small Business Special -- $995 / year

1) Domain Name -- one domain name included ($20 value)

Your domain name is a core part of your business identity. And while you only need one name, buying multiple domain names can help cut down on brand confusion (e.g.,, Make sure that when people try to find you, they won't end up with your competitors instead. Additional domain names generally cost $20 per year, but some cost more. No markup.

2) Web Hosting -- included ($216 value)

Squarespace’s hosting plans all include access to advanced features, including an online marketplace and online payment acceptance. The Business plan comes with unlimited pages for you to expand into over time, and it's easy to switch plans if your website fits into a more limited plan.

3) Initial Design and Build -- included ($800 value)

Starting from the ground up, using whatever materials you provide, I'll create an appealing, memorable, easy to navigate website that works for you and your customers. All sites are optimized for smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers. 

The initial design and build of your website will be available for review no more than two weeks after we receive payment. 

4) Comprehensive Site Support -- included ($750 value)

I will be on call to resolve any problems with your website within 24 hours. Includes search engine optimization, troubleshooting, timely updates to your events calendar, contact information, staff pages, and products, as well as making any requested adjustments or additions to the site.

This service does not include hardware support, or visits to your location. 

Value: $1775

You Pay: $995  ($945 if you pay by check, cash, Chase Quickpay, or other fee-free payment)

That's the small business special, in a nutshell! But that's not quite the whole story.

More than anything, I value longterm business relationships. Looking around constantly for a new service partner is a time sink, and if you're always looking, it means that you're not satisfied with the service you have. So my promise to you is that I won't raise my prices without a good reason, and -- after 10 months as your web design partner -- I'll send you a customized proposal for your next year of service, so you have time to make the best choice for your business. Longer-term contracts are available for those who want to lock in pricing and extra discounts.

If you ever want to upgrade, downgrade, or change your service plan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s important to me to know that the services I provide are meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Client satisfaction is my first priority.

Have any questions? Want to find out if you're eligible to take advantage of the small business special? Get in touch today, and find out why my clients never worry about their websites again!

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